Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mod Podge

I had my sister over for the weekend and on Friday, I had a friend come over with her kids to play with my kids while we crafted.

I bought all this stuff last year and never got around to doing it.  I have never crafted with Mod Podge and now I find myself looking for new things to craft with it. ;0)

We made these count-down til Christmas blocks.  And of course I don't have the blog that I got the idea off of to post here.  So sorry.

We just cut paper to fit the block, mod podged them on and put a little vinyl on them.  Are they not awesome!

I need to get some more vinyl numbers to finish the other blocks and I'll be giving them away to friends for Christmas so if you want to be on that list, let me know. :0)

I also had these down in a box.  Who knows how long I have had these but I got them at a Super Saturday that I had signed up for too many things to do and never did these.  I had the paper and the blocks and pulled them out to mod podge.

I was very happy to see that the blocks had what was what written on the backs.  That made things a little easier.  I wanted a nativity that the baby's that come to my house can play with.  I love the manger that I have for under my tree and come Christmas time I'll post pictures of it.  But this is perfect for baby's.  They can't break them and they get to play with them.

Now what else can I mod podge?  ;0)

*Totally found the site I used!!!  You can go here!  And I talk about this website here!   I have made so many things from here!  From just the one link alone.  LOVE IT!!!

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Bonnie said...

LOVE IT! I've been wanting to do those countdown blocks for a while, they are so cute! I LOVE the nativity too, you are so crafty...I miss having someone to craft with close by. So Awesome that your sister was there with you.