Monday, October 3, 2011


This weekend was full of peaches.  I wish I had more pictures to document what really happened at my house this weekend.  It all started Friday morning.

My good friend and neighbor Dani,  agreed to go help me pick peaches from Jenny's mom's house.  Now.  Let me explain about these peaches.  They are the only peaches I will eat.  I Crave these peaches from about May on.  I can not buy peaches at the store.  They are just gross.  I LIVE for these peaches.  My mother calls me a peach snob because of these peaches.  I really am.  None others will do.

This is where the picture should have come in.  There is just one tree but it was full.  In a little over an hour we had the tree clean.  Another picture of the back of my car full of peaches would have been good but again, I'm a loser and didn't take one.  I'm pretty sure we walked away with 5 to 6 bushels of peaches.

We took the afternoon off to do some of our own things but by 3, Dani was over with her kids and we were peaching.  By 11 o'clock at night we had 28 quarts of canned peaches, 16 pints and 2 half pints of peach jam.  And we still had nearly 2 bushels left.

Sunday morning we did 14 quarts more of peaches, 11 pints and 11 half pints of jam.  We froze about 10 cups of peaches and we gave a ton away.  We also threw a lot away.  We were very done with the worms.

And I'm not done.  I have enough peaches to do 8 more jars of jam.  So in total we did 42 quarts of peaches, 35 pints of jam and 13 half pints of jam.  We also did 4 pints of peachsauce.  We just mashed up peaches, added a little sugar and canned them.  Dani's daughter loved it.

I am defiantly Not taking the whole tree next year.  Maybe just a bushel.

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