Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Bash Decor

 I can not wait to use this again!  Pinterest again!  Everything but the crown was from Pinterest idea's.  I do love how this turned out.  I think if I were to ever make another one, I would make sure that I put some glue in the middle of the paper I put on the tops.
 I spent so much time putting together these cupcakes.  i took the time to put each color in baggies and to make sure that you could see each color on the sides and then look what happened when I cooked them.  They did look cool but I was sad that they did that.

The frosting was amazing!  I had so much fun.  The only difference I would do next time is put less color on the bottom of the bag and put the color father up the bag to make it last longer.
 This was fun.  I like to decorate my kitchen for my kids birthdays and this was super easy and made the room look special.
 Here is the birthday girl!  I made the crown for her to wear to church so that everyone would know it was her special day.

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