Thursday, March 8, 2012

S'more Caramel Popcorn

Like I said, popcorn is back in right now.  I threw this together last night after seeing it here on Pinterest.  I had everything to do it and it's popcorn, what could I lose.
Love how much it made.  Hope it sticks around a bit longer than a day. :0)

I loved making the caramel in the microwave and then using the microwave to cook it again in a brown grocery bag.  It tastes almost like my mom's that she cooks in the oven for ever.  This was much quicker. ;0)
I need to work on my drizzling skills.

I think I liked it a lot better when the chocolate was still warm but it was pretty messy.  But I like warm chocolate. :0)

So good!  Now back to my cupcake obsession. ;0)

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Bonnie said...

That does look so good!