Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Things

Now, I am waiting to post this til my friend that I made all this for has gotten the package.  But I have time right now so I'm making the post.

This is the knot dress that I have fallen in love with.  I have made it so many different ways.  This time I put pleats in it instead of gathering it.  But I wanted a bit more with it so I made these shoes and pin-wheel hair bows to match.

I got the pattern for these off of SewMamaSew site.  LOVE this site.  I wanted them to match the dress and the pleats are perfect!

I found these on Pinterest and have been dieing to make some. I can not wait to make more for my girls!

Another Pinterest pin.  I have to say that this went together so very well and I think I may make some into headbands for little girls and not just neckties.  I'm making more of these for my neighbor that is having a boy and has 2 older boys.
Here is a not so good picture of them all together.  The dress is a size one so it will have to be for next year but I made a few other things that the baby will be able to wear this summer.
One of my babies favorite toys was this tag blanket.  She LOVED it.  So I'm making more.  It is such an easy thing and since babies end up eating their clothes or bibs or socks, this is just as good.

Can not for the life of me find the link that I got this from.  It was with a blanket but I just wanted to make the hat.  I really hope that it fits.  I made 3 bows for this hat and went with this one.  I like it.  Found it.  Here.
My friend asked for this on Pinterest and so I made one up.  I think when I make it again that I will make it wider and put a bit more batting in it.  I'm making some for my doors, one for my babies room and one for mine.  Then I can still shut it but my baby can open the door when she gets up.
This is a boppy cover.  My friend asked me for two things.  A boppy cover and a hooded towel.  This cover is the one I had on my boppy.  I didn't get time to make a new one before I had to send out her package so I did this..
I made my own pattern.  After I'm done with my daughters birthday clothes I'm making, I'll make her a new boppy cover and a few other little dresses that I wanted to do. :0)
This link on Pinterest was so very helpful in making this one.  I loved how well she walked me through the steps and how easy it went together.  I wanted to make it special so I had a neighbor put the "Princess" on there.  This is my new favorite flower to make.  Super easy and super fun!  Found it here.

This is my favorite pattern of all time.  I make this baby dress for all the baby girls I know!  Love the patten, the lace and how summer-y it is.  I got this bow idea from Pinterest too.  Got to love Pinterest. :0)

These were so much fun and I can't wait to finish up the rest I want to make just for her and then I can get started on the other projects I need to do for other friends and their babies and the few I have planned for my daughter for her birthday. 

I'm so glad that she got the package so quickly!  Love you Bonnie and can't wait for your baby girl to get here! :0)

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Bonnie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL OF IT! It is so cute and I feel so loved and spoiled. Thank you so much for thinking of me and making this so special for me. I love all the fabric choices and appreciate you sending me the boppy cover just in time. You are awesome!

Happy Sewing:)