Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Dress

 I got this pattern a while ago and this material for the pants.  I just didn't have anything I liked for the top.  When I went through all my material, I found this eyelet stuff.  Perfect!  I got it cut out for my daughter and ended up with enough to make one for my niece too who's birthday happened to be the same week.
I love the lace and how cute it turned out.  I had to alter the top a bit to fit my girl better.  It planned on her being able to wear it without a shirt under it but it was a little windy and she wanted to wear it and I wanted pictures. ;0)

I forgot that I made hair clips to go with it.  I love this pinwheel one and have made it a few times.  But I also liked this other one so I made some of all of them. ;0)

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