Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zipper Clover

I saw these here and had to have some.  At the time, I thought I had to buy some to get the tutorial.  So I ordered some.  4 to be honest. I figured that I would make some into hair clips for my girls.  That is when I found the tutorial.  For free, without buying anything.  Wish I had know that.  I feel slightly jepted. 

But I got them in the mail and made up one.  She had said how she couldn't quite make a 4-leafed clover work so I thought I would at least try.  Here is mine.

I am excited to make the rest of them.  I just did my gathering by hand.  I think I'll try one with a machine and see how it looks, since I did order 4.  We'll see what the others turn out like.

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