Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zucchini Brownies

These are on my list to make again today.  And they will probably be gone before I can take a picture again. :0)Frosted Zucchini Brownies - Applesauce in place of the oil and NO Eggs! :)

You would not know that these are made with zucchini if I didn't tell you.  They are that amazing!  My children love them, my neighbors love them, I could eat the whole pan and not feel a bit bad about it. ;0)  If you have zucchini that your neighbors want to pawn off on you of you were ding-dong ditched and left a ton of zucchini on your door-step, use it up in these and you will be begging for that zucchini that no one can get rid of. ;0)

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