Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

I have had this recipe on my to-try list since February.  I was going to make them for my son's birthday.  Well, after getting around to making them finally, I'm glad I didn't make them for his birthday.

They will be on my make again list.  They were amazing!  I will do a few different things to them.  I will wait to put the root beer on the top until after I take the cupcakes out of the pan.  Making them that moist made it hard to get them out without them falling apart.  I will not put frosting on them.  I am a frosting person.  Love it!  But the glaze for these were so amazing that I will just put that on and call it good.

Don't worry.  I only used A&W's root beer in everything it called for.  No schnapps. :0)

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