Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home-made Valentines

 Again, thanks to Pinterest, I had the desire to make all my kids Valentines this year.  I have 3 in school.  I'm crazy. 

But I have saved a ton of money. :0)

These ones I spent $2 on the paper clips.
 I had all that felt from Christmas and I had the thread so it was an easy thing to make these ones.
 I spent $3 on the pencils for this Valentine.  Too cute.
 This one was $4.50 for the suckers. 

My kids are excited to finish them up this weekend and to work on the boxes for them to take with them.  I like being crafty with my kids. :0)


Bonnie said...

Once again you rock!

Jennifer said...

"Super" Cute! I saw the super hero one too and thought that would be cute. But I don't have any school kids yet.