Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kindle Covers

 We just got our taxes back.  They went all to bills this year.  So not fun.  But we wanted to do something for each of our kids with a bit so for our 2 boys, we found Kindles on KSL.com for good deals.  My husband said they needed covers for them and bought them some material for me to make them one. :0)

Book light from the dollar store. ;0)
 I did it a bit different than the one I made myself.  I put felt on the one side to protect the Kindle a bit more. 
 Instead of corners, I made a heavy hold on the bottom and used elastic on the top.
Very impressed with how this turned out.

 You remember how I had to make 3 of mine to get it sort of right.  Well, you can see my first attempt didn't go so well either.  I had to cut some out and it doesn't meet up on the side.  I'll be making this Kindle another one this weekend after a birthday party.

 My husband found this material for my Dad and had to get it for him so I could make him a Kindle holder also.

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Bonnie said...

cute fabric and a great gift idea:)