Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog Bed

I decided to make my dogs a new bed in hopes that I could get them to quit sleeping on my bed and in my bed and taking over my bed.

I had this material left over from my husbands "snuggie blanket".  Don't ask.  But the dogs love to sleep on it and he doesn't like to share it.  He works most nights anyway and I get to sleep with the dogs by myself but when he is home at nights the 4 of us just don't fit well.
I put it up on my bed in hopes that if I got them to sleep on it then I could move it to the floor and have them still want to sleep on their bed.
For the stuffing we bought some cheap pillows and took out the stuffing and used that for stuffing.  My daughters thought it was a big pillow for them to play on. 

The dogs loved it.  More so the little dog.  When I moved it to the floor the next night, Walle, our little dog, loved it!  Eva, the bigger dog, just got back up on the bed.  Walle loves having this huge bed all to himself.  I enjoy having Eva still sleep at my feet.  She keeps them warm. :0)