Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wreath Making

 I went on vacation with some amazing friends this last weekend and I took stuff to craft.  Thanks to some willing friends and some fun times, we made some really cute wreaths.

Tara and Steph.  Love these ladies!
 This the the wreath that Steph made.
 This one is mine.
 Tara didn't realize that we were making flag wreaths and wrapped her wreath in all white so she made this.
 Love her flowers!  Some are from what I found from pinterest and some are all Tara.  LOVE it.  Now I'm going to make me a spring wreath.
I love this little white one.  I took a picture so I could remember how to do it later.

Love how they all turned out and I love crafting with friends.  I think I want to make a craft night with these ladies a monthly thing. :0)

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