Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

I was able to get a Bountiful Basket last weekend and it came with blueberries.  I'm not a big fan but my husband is.  So to Pinterest I went.  I found 5-6 recipes and looking to see what I had in the house I decided to try these.  Mary Lou's Muffins.  We are BIG fans of lemon in this house so I figured I couldn't lose.

I've never made muffins with real blueberries before.  I usually just buy the mixes that say to just add water, but I'm all about trying to expand my craft of cooking.

OMG!!!  These are the best muffins that I have ever tasted!  No joke!  They just melt in your mouth and the flavor... AMAZING!

I have no idea what the lemon verbena is that the recipe called for but I had some fancy paste that my mom gave me when I was looking for lemon flavoring for the Mountain Dew Cupcakes that is used.  I really think it made the difference. 
I happen to have one more package of blueberries that I was wanting to try another new recipe with but they just might end up being in more muffins.  :0)

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Bonnie said...

Those look perfect! I love muffins but never seem to make them.