Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Purse

I have to admit something.  I love purses.  I mean, I really LOVE purses.  I have a huge tote full of just purses.  I have been really good and when I bought a purse for over $150 a few years ago I promised my husband that I wouldn't need another one for a while.   A while is up.

I found this pattern when I got all the other ones for a $1!  I know, right.  I bought this fabric when I was picking up the last few things I needed for the wedding dresses I just made and my Mom was with me and looked at me and said, "You're not going to make that til you are finished with these dresses right?"  So I waited ever so patiently.  
I am so in love.  I love the fabric I got.  I did change the pattern a bit.  I like pockets.  Lots and lots of pockets.  The pattern only had one on the inside, I made two.  I wanted to put in more with some zippers but I really wanted it finished so I just put in the two.  I ended up putting some velcro on the pockets to hold them closed to keep all my junk in and make it easier to put my planner in.  I want to make another one and I will probably tweak it a bit more.  Make it bigger in the bag part so that my planner and all my junk can fit easier, put in the pockets with zippers and make the straps a bit bigger and put in some heavy interfacing instead of the lighter.  All in all...Its a winner!

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Bonnie said...

I love it! I is so cute, good job:)