Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 dresses and a bag

 Here are 2 of the dresses that I have been working on.  This is one of my favorite, (okay, every little girl dress seems to be my favorite) little outfits to make.  I made my other daughter a ton of these and when I looked for them for my baby, I couldn't find one.  I think I gave away all my favorite outfits thinking that I wasn't having any more babies.  I am so very sad about this.  But on the up side, I got to make all new ones. :0)

I love how it makes her look like a little flower.  This was made out of a ton of scraps that I had.  I didn't have anything to match for the shorts so I did have to go get something to for those but they look better than I thought they would.  My favorite part about making this one... being able to do the button hole on it myself and not having to take it to my Mom and having her do it on her machine.  :0)

Here is the backpack I made for myself for my anniversary trip coming up.  It is our 10th anniversary and we have a Amtrax train ride planned and a few days in a little town in Colorado planned.  I can't wait!  But we didn't want to be carrying a lot of luggage around because we will be walking everywhere when we get there.  I'm a big sucker for 4th of July things. (Our anniversary is the 2nd.)  I have some dresses cut out to my make my girls that are 4th of July material.
My flap is off center but it doesn't bother me.  Until I took a picture of it.
This next outfit for my baby is the one that made 7 dresses for my brother's wedding turn into 14.I had finished all the dresses for the wedding and there was enough material of this butterfly that I asked my new sister if I could make the baby an outfit for the open house.  She told my I could so I told my Mom.  My Mom then says, "There is enough brown left over, why don't you make your other daughter one."  I was all for that!  Then the clencher.  She thought that if I was making my girls dresses for the open house that it would only be fair to make all the nieces a dress for the open house.

Any who...  Here is this outfit.  I bought this pattern when my sister-in-law first found out that she was having a girl.  It was on of the first things that I started sewing.  And I hated it.  I swore that I would never sew it again.  I hated doing the ruffles.  I decided to make it again when I had my last baby and 5 years of sewing under my belt... I LOVE it!!!  The ruffles weren't as terrible as I remembered and they look so darn cute!

This is the pattern I made for the baby niece for the wedding too.  So very cute!  And of course my little modal is the cutest thing ever! :0)

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