Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Oh - My - Gosh!!! I didn't post at all in April? Believe me, I've been doing so many fun things, I just haven't had time to post or take a lot of pictures. I have just two pictures. One is our dinner when we went camping the first weekend in April.
Chicken and Rice in the dutch oven. So good!A little chicken, some milk, cream of chicken soup, carrots and instant rice. We used brown rice this time and it was amazing!
This is the Mini Wallet I made for my self. I also made a backpack to go with it. I'll get a picture of that and the one I made for my sister for her birthday which was on May 2nd.
I have been sewing for my brother's wedding which is this Thursday. I made all the dresses for the nieces and ended up making dresses for them for the open house too. That was last night. I didn't take any pictures but there were a lot taken. I'll steal some when they get posted on Facebook. :0)
I've also been cooking up a storm too. I'm making 150 cream puffs for the wedding luncheon plus a few jello's and some brownies. I'll post those pictures and recipes. You'll want them. :0)
For now know that I haven't forgotten to be doing fun things instead of chores, (I really have let my house go while working on all these dresses and it Really needs some attention this weekend) and I'll have a ton of pictures to show you in about a week or so.

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Bonnie said...

Love your new blog layout and that wallet is so cute! You are such a good seamstress and I can't wait for the pictures of the wedding and all those cute dresses you made. That dinner looks so good too!