Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini Bag

 I am telling you, SewMamaSew is the best blog ever!  Here is another project I got from their Handmade Holidays this year.

This is a mini bag and I changed it a bit.  The one that I got the template for was really small and I had quite a few things that I needed to fit in this bag.  So I tried to make it taller but didn't take into account the sides.  So its a bit thinner than I wanted but everything fit so it worked great.
I like that the side is pleated.  I think that is my favorite part.  I will be making more of these for those little gifts that I want to give out.  I'm thinking for the rest of the Christmas gifts I'm making today. 
I'm working on two more projects from the same site and I have today to do them.  I have to focus this next week on finishing my baby's Christmas Stocking.  It's cross-stitch and I have done one for every one else, (minus me) and I really want it done for Christmas.  We'll see. I'm not even half way done.

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