Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Christmas Project

 I had to make more of these Mini bags.  Love how they turned out.  One for each ear bud holder I've made.  One for each sibling of mine.  (including my husband and myself.)

My sister Winni, showed me how to make these cute little stars and I thought it would be much cuter in the bags instead of tissue paper of crinkle paper.  So I had to make a ton of these too.  Saw them on Pinterest and was so excited to learn how to make them.  Thanks Win!

Now I am really done for Christmas.  Didn't get the dogs new beds made but I can do that next week.  I also made my self a skirt that I'll take a picture of on Christmas Day.  I'm doing a few new recipes today and tomorrow too so hopefully I remember to take pictures of them .  :0)

A few more pics of all these put together.


Bonnie said...

Cool, that is such a cute idea to make your own bags and use the stars too. I love it.

Kathryn said...

They're so cute online, and even better (and smaller) in person.