Monday, September 19, 2011

Monkey Bread

I thought I would share this recipe with you today.  I love this and it is the only way my oldest son will eat chili.  He eats the chili with his monkey bread.  :0)  This is my Mom's recipe and it is amazing!

You will need: (Makes 2 pans)

1/2 cup sugar
2 cups luke warm water
3 Tablespoons yeast.

Let this rise for 5 minutes.  I should have taken a picture of my yeast.  It was a beautiful raise. :0)

2 room temperature eggs  (Yes, it really makes a difference.)
4 Tablespoons melted butter, cooled.  (I just use oil.)
3 cups flour

Mix this and then add 3-4 cups more flour.  It will look like this.

Cover this and let it double.  It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Punch down, roll out, cut into squares.  This recipe makes two bunt pans of bread so split it before rolling it out.

Dip in melted butter.  I put 1/2 cup of butter on the stove on low while I let the monkey bread rise to melt it.  That way it's not hot when I go to dip it.

Stack them in your pan.  Work your way around.  Make them fit, it doesn't need to look pretty here.  It will look pretty when it's done. :0)  I pour the left over butter over the top when I'm done. 

Bake at 350* for 25 minutes.  Now the top will go brown.  Let it go the full 25 minutes or you will have doughy bread in the middle.  Turn it out on a plate when it's done and enjoy!
We eat this with chili, soup and just about anything else.  It is so good!  I've tried making it with cinnamon and sugar before and one time with Parmesan cheese but they were not as good as just plain.

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