Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4th of July Dresses

Okay, so the 4th for so very long ago but I never got any pictures of my girls in their dresses on the 4th.  My baby isn't so hot on having her picture taken anyways so I had to be a little tricky.

Here is my oldest daughters dress.  It is another one of the $1 patterns I got about a year ago.  I like how it went together but it was HUGE on her.  I made it a size 5, she is 5 and it just hung on her.  I ended up pinning up the straps and moving the buttons over 3 inches.  This might be one of those dresses that she'll be able to wear as a shirt when she is a teenager.  One of the dresses she has now was a sun dress that was mine when I was little and I wore it in high school as a shirt.  Oh, to only be that skinny again.

Here is the baby's.  I made these dresses just because I saw the one that I had made my oldest when she was this little and I think I gave it away.  I was so sad because it was such a fun dress and the hat!  It it the same pattern that I posted here.  I use this pattern a lot as you can tell.

The rick-rack is one of my favorite on this dress.  And the hat.  Of course, having my baby have all that curly hair sticking out from underneath it helps with the effect. :0)   
Please don't mind the changing table and diaper garbage in the back ground.  She really is the hardest baby to get pictures of and I have to take what I can get.

I had to put this one in.  Isn't she the cutest!
Here are the two dresses together.  I love dressing my girls in matching outfits.  I did the same thing with my boys when they were younger.