Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yep. Another One

I know that I have made a ton of these but I want it just right.  And really, it's like a purse, I have to change it with my mood. :0)  So here is my other ones I made, but I needed one that didn't have any cuts or unfinished edges.
I like these corners much better than just the tabs.  This way I can get to all the buttons without having to remove my Kindle.

I also didn't like that the pen would rub on my Kindle so I moved the pocket to the outside, behind the Kindle.  I like having the notebook and pen for when I see another book I'd like to get and that way I can write it down to remember.  My memory is so bad.
Laugh if you want but I have made another one too.  This one was a but bulky to be in the pocket I have for it in my purse so I just made an envelope case that I can slid my Kindle in and then it doesn't make my purse so heavy. :0)  I told you, I like to change. :0)

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