Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

My new purse!!!  I know that you know that I LOVE purses.  I have decided that I like making them as much as I like buying them.  Only now I just buy material. :0)

So I have this book.  I wanted to do this pattern forever and decided that it was what I wanted to do with my birthday money from my in-laws.  So I dragged my husband to the fabric store, made him stay with me for an hour while I looked for the perfect material and came home with this wonderful stuff!
I love the pockets!  I have one for my phone on the side, my keys, my Kindle! and for my other things that I just have to have in my purse.  I did change up the pattern just a bit.  I added an inside pocket with a zipper and I shortened the strap by 6".

I have decided that I need one for each season.  I told my husband when I was done making this one that I was excited to make another one.  He couldn't understand why I would want to make another one when I just finished making this one.  I told him I needed one for each season.  This is my spring one.  I already have colors that I want to do a fall one and winter one in. :0)

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