Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Camping

I can not wait for my week!  We are going camping and I have worked on getting all the duffel bags done to go.  I made my 3 oldest kids duffel bags just for camping.  I told a good friend what I was doing and she liked the idea so much she went to DI and bought some for her kids for $2.  I told her not to tell my husband how much.  We spent close to $20 for each duffel I made but it is just what I wanted for them and they are much bigger than I expected, which is good.

These are huge!  the pictures just don't do them justice to see the size of them.  I wanted to have them all packed so you could see the size and you still can't tell how humungous they are.  They are perfect.  :0)

I'll be making the baby one next year.  For now the little free one works just fine.

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Bonnie said...

They look great and they will last longer then ones you get in the store.