Sunday, February 6, 2011

Large Backpack

So here is the backpack that I've been working on for a week. It was a new pattern from HomeSpunThreads and I was really excited to make it.Please don't mind my children's homework in the background. :0)

There were just two things that I would have liked to be different about the pattern. It wasn't written out well. I ended up looking at the pattern for the small backpack pattern that was there to get most of the instructions. The pocket wasn't on there either. It had it to put in but not what to cut out. I like it though so I'm glad I put it in. I just did it a tall as a pencil.
And the next major thing, don't put adjustable straps in the pattern if you can't buy them anywhere! Seriously! I looked everywhere for these things and couldn't find them. I ended up using belt buckles. No joke.
I do love how it turned out though and I am so making my self one for my second honey-moon in July. My husband and I are going away and not going to rent a car. We just plan on walking the city and we don't want to be carrying around a lot of luggage. This will be perfect for what I need to the weekend. It's much bigger than I was lead to believe and I love it. I will even use the belt buckles for the straps. :0)

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